How to Speed Up the Buying or Selling Process


A fact we all have to accept is that the process of buying or selling a home can take far longer than we’d like. It can get frustrating as we wait for the various steps to be agreed, approved and so forth. Sometimes the length of time it takes can make us wonder if the whole thing is worthwhile, but there are a few ways to ensure the frustration never gets so great that you feel like walking away.

How long should a House Sale Take?

Freehold properties can take around five or six weeks to complete (not always, but often), while leasehold properties can take up to double that. And that’s assuming everything goes relatively smoothly. A chain sale, where the purchase of one house depends on the sale of another, can cause untold amounts of frustration, especially if the sale of that latter house is dependant on the sale of another and so on along the chain.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this as the process is very complicated and requires a lot of back and forth communication which all takes time. There are, however, several things we can focus on to help minimise our frustration and ensure the process of buying a new home moves along as smoothly as possible.

Communication is Key

It can often be a good idea to take the reins from the estate agent when it comes to certain communication between the buyers and sellers. This is especially true when issues arise which cause a delay in the process. If you are relying on the estate agent or the solicitor to relay answers to questions and other kinds of information then the issue could add weeks to the process. However, a face to face meeting between the involved parties can help clear up any issues in a timely manner.

Ensure Your Estate Agents and Solicitors Are on the Ball

By ‘on the ball’, I mean that they are not sitting on problems instead of proactively trying to solve them via communication between the parties. It’s an unfortunate truth that some estate agents and solicitor firms might be understaffed (in the case of smaller firms) or overworked (in the case of larger firms). Researching client satisfaction with a firm before employing them is one way to ensure you make the right choice, but it is also up to you to keep in constant communication with them to ensure they are not sitting on any problems in the hope that they go away. Get guarantees regarding their behaviour and then hold them to it.

Additional Tips for Speeding Up the Sale Process

You can help speed up the house buying process by having both a reliable and trustworthy estate agent and solicitor in place prior to selling or buying. You should also communicate your desired (and realistic) timeframe for the sale to either the buyer of your home or the seller of the house you wish to purchase. Check up on any documentation you have sent forth by calling the solicitor within 48 hours of sending it to ensure it has been received and sent on to whomever it needs to be sent to. You will also want to be vigilant in checking that the property searches involving your house are all up to date.

Unfortunately, it’s still going to take several weeks before a sale can be completed, but by following these tips you can ensure the house selling and buying process goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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